We (Tim & Beverly) have lived in the same house in Kirkland, Washington since October, 1993.   Our only child at the time was Benji, a cat who not only owned the place, but made sure all the squirrels in the area knew who was boss.

In May, 1996 an analytical, cautiously exploring little boy was born to us and we named him Jeremy.

In January, 1999 an energetic and courageous little boy was born to us with a constant smile that could melt an iceberg and we named him Aaron.

When we had our first child, we decided Beverly would retire from her job as a computer sales account representative and raise our children at home.  We've since taken it a step further and decided that as long as she was home with the boys we would homeschool them.  This gives them the unique opportunity to learn in a format and style that is catered to their individual personalities.

We are avid RVers and you could find us almost anywhere in the Northwest in our home-on-wheels (2005 Sunnybrook 30FKS), primarily between Easter and Halloween.  This enables us to spend many weekends away from home where we can relax, explore, and just enjoy each other as a family.